Get your butt moving!

Get your butt moving!

My second born, now 13 year old, has definitely been my most challenging child. One consistent challenge has been his turtle-like pace in the morning. I too would rather sleep, but unfortunately reality requires that I’m vertical by 6:30am so I forgo extra sleep for parental responsibilities. My son however, doesn’t quite see it the […]


My boys are lame!

I thought you’d appreciate this… my boys are so lame. The boys are off today and I had an appointment at the Apple Store at 10 which kept me there until around 12:30. When I came home I told them we could do something fun and go on some adventure. I gave them about 5 […]


Activities that Encourage Family Togetherness

Creating opportunities for quite time and reflection at home (or on ┬áhike). I saw my two youngest boys cuddled up on the couch reading together, how cute is that?! I’m not sure what prompted this┬ámoment of quiet bonding, but it was certainly welcome. In fact, it made me think about what I might be able […]